Thursday, February 2, 2012

Annual Snowbasin Trip

A few weeks ago we went up with my family to Eden for our annual weekend ski getaway at Snowbasin/Powder Mountain. As far as the skiing went, this year was a major dud! There was absolutely no decent snow at the resorts, so everyone skied only one day at Snowbasin. Katy and I couldn't ski because of our current "conditions" so we took Miles up the chairlift and met everyone for lunch at the lodge on top. Miles LOVED it!!!

That's Neil skiing in the background...Miles thought it was pretty sweet watching everyone ski under the lift for him :)

Aunt Lessie provided Miles a beautiful play dough sculpture of me with child...she even gave him a lesson on where the baby is, and when you lifted a flap on my stomach, out popped a baby!! It was weird. Miles ate it up (figuratively, of course- not literally).

You can't have a ski trip without some good hot tubbing! Miles joined in on the fun. He was a little hesitant at first...

...but once he got in all the way, he was in heaven!

Next year's trip will be different in so many ways. It will be our first trip where we get to stay in the new cabin (which is supposed to get finished this spring), and the family will have two new additions! We also promised Miles that he could start skiing when he turns three- we'll see how that goes!