Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 4th

We had a great 4th of July weekend! Here's a quick play-by-play:

Saturday afternoon we headed up to my parents' lot in Huntsville. We took the 4-wheelers up towards Monte Cristo and rode around for a few hours, then came back to the lot for some grilled hot dogs!

Miles has his own camp chair. What a stud...

My parents' cabin will sit right on this lot! We can't wait for it to be built...this place will hold many memories for us in the future :)

Sunday night we had a little fireworks show of our own...complete with Flowers and those loud snap things that you throw on the ground. Neil and Brad were our pyro-techs. If you think Washington D.C.'s got a good show, you haven't been to ours...hahahahaha

We spent Sunday night at my parents' house so that we could make it to the Granite Community Parade that their stake puts on every year. Miles loved it, because it's mostly filled with people riding 4-wheelers, tractors, motorcycles...anything that makes a loud noise!

This guy was hilarious!

People are constantly throwing candy to the spectators, which Miles thought was pretty awesome. His little pockets on his cargo shorts were bursting at the seams by the time the parade ended. Here he is going to town on a sucker...

That evening, we went to the Bees game with my folks and Les. It was Miles' first baseball game! The weather was PERFECT...the clouds kept us covered the entire game, and it never rained. We didn't see the fireworks afterwards because Miles was too tired. But we still had a great time!

Go Bees!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I don't know the exact reason for this post, other than it's mostly just to blow off some steam. For those of you who can't stand bloggers who only blog about the "good" things in life, you'll enjoy this one...

Nothing makes me more frustrated than car maintenance. As far as the engine goes, the only work I'm familiar with is popping the hood to get a good view. As luck would have it, the ac on the Xterra went out just before the 4th of July weekend. Perfect. We decided to wait and take it in after the busy holiday to get looked at. So today I waited for over an hour at an auto repair shop only to have the guy tell me he doesn't know why it's not working...more tests are going to need to get done, which will only cost MORE STINKING MONEY!!!! I'm ticked. Why couldn't he just say, "Yeah, here's the problem...we can fix it in five minutes, and your total out of pocket will be about $10"? It's never that simple with cars. And that's why I hate car maintenance so dang much.

So until we figure out how to come up with some large, unknown amount of money, I get to drive around in a dark leather interior SUV with no air conditioning in July. I know you're all jealous!

I'm gladly accepting snow cones, Slurpees, fruit smoothies and the like as a token of your sympathy.