Friday, October 30, 2009

Ode to Little Blackie

Well, it's come to an end. We sold my '97 Civic last Saturday to CarMax. I got that sweet car when I turned parents surprised me with it when I came home from work one day. When I got into the driver's seat, I looked down and realized it wasn't an automatic- it was a 5-speed manual, which I had NO IDEA how to drive. A little peeved that my dad would get me a car I couldn't drive, we quickly set-out to learn. It was a blast. I loved that car, and it saw me all the way through high school, college, getting married and up to having our first kid! It had been broken into at least five times, the stereo stolen three times. The sunroof quit working right around the third year I had it, and it made a high-pitched whistling sound when you drove it above 50 mph. It's been in a handful of fender-benders. The most memorable being when I backed into the high school mean girl. I thought I was in for a good pounding for sure...but she just said "f*@$ that" and drove off. What a great car. I never had a problem with it breaking down, or not starting. I'm gonna miss it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

UGH, the MALL...

So today I took Miles to Fashion Place Mall and met my mom. Our mission was to find a pair of shoes to match my bridesmaid's skirt for Brad and Katy's wedding. It wasn't long before I remembered why I haven't been to "the mall" since, mmm, probably last Christmas season. I wasn't there ten minutes before I had this nagging urge to go home and take a nap. Miles wasn't liking it either. Maybe it was the hip-hop music blasting throughout the main halls, or the mixture of too much cologne and perfume permeating throughout the department stores...Then there was that "Dead Sea Salt" booth. Don't even get me started on that one! Anyway, Miles cried just about the entire time. And the only pair of shoes I liked turned out to cost over $100. BUMMER. Empty-handed and famished, we grabbed a quick bite at Pretzel Maker and I loaded up my tired, crying baby and drove home. Maybe I'll just wear my flip-flops to the wedding!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun Times with Miles

So, a lot has gone on these past few months! I have so many pictures and I don't know where to start, so I'm sort of playing catch-up. My goal is to be better at this blog thing!

We went boating at Echo with the family before Mike went on his mission...Miles was a champ in the boat! He didn't like the wind in his ears, so he wore his beanie. Everyone mostly air-chaired because the water wasn't real great for skiing, but we had a blast.

Neil ripping it up

Les and Stobbe

Miles' first cook-out up Farmington Canyon. It was cold, but we had him bundled like you wouldn't believe!

Our little Aggie.

Hanging out with Aunt Paige at Snowbird before we went on the tram...