Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun Times with Miles

So, a lot has gone on these past few months! I have so many pictures and I don't know where to start, so I'm sort of playing catch-up. My goal is to be better at this blog thing!

We went boating at Echo with the family before Mike went on his mission...Miles was a champ in the boat! He didn't like the wind in his ears, so he wore his beanie. Everyone mostly air-chaired because the water wasn't real great for skiing, but we had a blast.

Neil ripping it up

Les and Stobbe

Miles' first cook-out up Farmington Canyon. It was cold, but we had him bundled like you wouldn't believe!

Our little Aggie.

Hanging out with Aunt Paige at Snowbird before we went on the tram...


Spencer & Sierra said...

YES! Why does it make me so happy to see Pig in Steph Miles' family pictures? Oh yeah, because it rocks, that's why.

Leslie Miles said...

I look like I have a mullet. But that last picture of Miles in that hoodie is pimpin! What a cutie.

Paige said...

Love it. He's all too cute...and I still love the camo hoodie.