Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're finally getting on the bandwagon!! -For REAL.

HELLO friends and family- Well we've decided to make an effort with this blogger thing, since everybody's doing it. We've had a pretty awesome summer so far, starting off early with a trip to San Rafael with Brad and Katie. That was actually in March, but hey, it was fun. When official summer hit, it was off to Florida with Neil's family, which was awesome. We pretty much just hung out at the beach all week, slept-in, and played volleyball. We've since been to Vegas for our anniversary (3 years!), just got home from a getaway in Park City with my family, and we're off to Flaming Gorge next week with my fam again. Somehow we've managed to work a little bit in-between our play!! These past few weeks we've done a couple of day hikes in the canyons nearby as well...It's been fun!! Here are some of the pics!! ENJOY.

Here is Neil with our little niece, Mia. What a chunk!

Mama says alligators is ornery cuz they have all them teeth and no toothbrush.


The closest Neil let me get to a chippendales show...


We ran into Whoopie on the strip. She asked us for directions to the wax museum. We didn't know.

Here we are hanging out at Gateway with Brooke, Jason, Amy, Josh and their little ones.

Taking pics with the camera. Look how buff he is... mmmmmm....

Neil at the Adams Canyon falls

This is our hike to White Pine Lake with my folks. There was some snow at the top that made the going a bit rough...all we needed were our skis and we'd have made it down in no time :)