Monday, January 23, 2012

The Holidays

The Holidays were great for us this year! Miles REALLY got into the whole thing, which made it all so much fun. Here are just a few pics- yes, they're almost entirely of Miles. I now understand why people say Christmas is for the kids :)

Neil and Miles ready to deliver treats to the neighbors- Miles and I made caramel apples and I have to say I'm pretty proud of the way they turned out. TASTY!

We spent a week in Dallas with Neil's family and got to be there for Christmas. We had a couple days of great weather which we definitely took advantage of!

The kids waiting patiently to see if Santa came- they were very disappointed to see that in lieu of gifts, Santa gave all the kids journals to write down their thoughts on life. Just kidding. He came...and he came with a bang!

As rambunctious as Miles can be, he is one dainty gift opener! I'm pretty sure nothing would have been opened if nobody helped him out a bit.

I wish I could describe how much Miles loves his new backhoe loader...
Miles got some great gifts- but I have to say, so did Neil and I! Neil's parents gave us a new bread maker, which is just the BEST. I can eat an entire loaf in one sitting. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant- probably not.

Neil's sister Molly and I helped the boys make a gingerbread house. Miles ate most of his candy before it made it to the house.

When we got home from Dallas, we had our own little Christmas here at our house. It was a lot of fun and Miles was excited to see that Santa came to our place, too!

What a haul! Check out that smile :)

We then got to go out to my parents' house for yet another round of gift exchanging which was great! The big surprise that us Big Kids got was a heli-ski trip to Canada in 2013 with the whole family. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Like I said, the holidays were absolutely awesome. We did have a few mishaps along the way, like the stomach flu, which took hold of all three of us right before Dallas, and made us miss the Miles family Christmas party. Then there was a nasty cold that we all got when we returned home, and made for a pretty boring birthday for me... But all that didn't stop us from having fun- just made it so we had to have a toilet nearby during every festivity ;)

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