Sunday, March 27, 2011


WOW. I've really let time go by without a single post in almost six months!! And I've got a new resolution to be more on-the-ball with updating our blog, thanks to my buddies Jenn-Y and Mindy, who helped me realize that blogging is pretty much like journaling/scrapbooking combined.'s what we've been doing since Labor Day 2010, in order of past to present!!

Miles and I did a lot of hiking last fall. It's so much fun to have a little buddy to go with. Here we are hiking Adam's Canyon.

In October, Neil and I went to NYC with my was so much fun! I could totally live there for maybe a year or two. But then I know I'd start to miss my mountains, skiing, and fresh air pretty quickly. But what an amazing place!

Halloween- Miles was an ELEPHANT! He loved it.

Thanksgiving in Dallas. Miles and Mia are two peas in a pod.

Christmas Eve at my parents' house- FUNNY FACES!!!

Just shovelin' the snow...

A COLD walk on Farmington Trail

Skiing at the Bird! Notice the white-out around Neil. Yup, Little Cloud; it's like a mini Everest up there.

We started a tradition of doing Pizza Night on Friday nights. I found a couple of great pizza dough recipes that I've been using, and making homemade pizza is the best! But after about three weeks of Pizza Night every Friday, we decided to tone it down to only once or twice a month. Our cholesterol thanks us.

Miles and I went to Dallas in January to hang out with Neil's family. We went to the Children's Museum, and Miles LOVED playing in the water. Splashing is his thing.

Watching the snowfall outside our back door

Don't mess with the Evil Eye.

We went to our friends' cabin a few weeks ago, and Miles had his first snowmobile ride. He thought it was pretty awesome.

These past few weeks, with hints of Spring around the corner, Miles has had a blast going on walks; He collects and/or throws sticks, rocks, dirt clods- you name it. This kid belongs outside. But he never forgets to stop and smell the flowers...


Kristin and Tyler said...

Fabulous update! Man, that Miles is a STUD!

Amy Buff said...

The evil eye family pic is my favorite!