Thursday, September 9, 2010


We went camping over Labor Day weekend in the mountains just outside of Bear Lake. It was a blast! It had been a while since we'd gone with my family and it was great to finally do it again. It was a great trip, and we can't wait to do it again!

Hanging out next to the new tent my parents gave us for Christmas. It's a gem!
Miles liked hanging out on the picnic blanket, totally content as long as he had a ball of some sort...

Miles and Aunt Les
Ready for his first ride on the 4-wheeler!
We took it nice and S L O W . . .

Reading with Grampa...
Fast asleep...
Shooting clay pigeons... I only hit one. Pathetic...
We went into Garden City one night for some Mexican food...I think we were the smelliest bunch there.

Warming up in the trailer... The nights were COLD!
Nothing's better than sitting around a campfire with the ones you love :)

Miles enjoying his first taste of hot chocolate with Grampa...

Sunday breakfast- the traditional eggs, hash browns and bacon (which was already eaten when I took the picture). Oh yeah and if that's not enough, we also had pancakes :)

Miles was VERY excited for this particular 4-wheeler ride.
Sucking the thumb, eating an oreo, relaxing in the hammock...does life get any better?
Shootin' the pistol.

Playing in the tent.
Miles just loved the hammock. He about fell asleep every time he got in it!


Kristin said...

Yet another fabulous, fun-filled adventure in the life of Krauss House. I love it! That cute...I just wanna pinch him!

Zachary said...

Why does Miles always have a look on his face that seems to say "yea i know im a cute kid, but another picture? seriously?"