Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Little Red!

The Little Red Riding Hood bike race was last Saturday in Lewiston, Idaho, just north of Logan. We had so much fun. The whole course was absolutely beautiful. The whole valley was so green from all the rain it's gotten and the weather was perfect. I didn't take any pictures of us actually riding our bikes, but got some good ones of us stopped along the way. We rode about 35 miles, and decided that next year we're gonna try for the 100 miler. Biking is addicting!! (Beware: The following images contain women wearing spandex...lots and lots of spandex)!

It doesn't get much prettier than this.

Here we are in the parking garage of the hotel right before we left for the race.
Katy and Mom taking a breather at one of the rest stops...
Les lookin' hot!
Neil surprised me with a new roadbike just a week before the race...pretty nifty, huh?
The Girls!


Paige said...

Lookin' good in your spandex. I'm thinkin you should maybe adopt that as a full-time fashion statement.

Kristin said...

Lookin' foxy in your spandex, N.S.! Way to go!

Erin Spenc said...

Great job! Looks like really pretty scenery. How fun!

Olivia Booth said...

How fun you girls look great! So great to see you this weekend! Miles is soooo cute and love the picture in the carrier...that is hilarious. That should be Neil's face with him carrying the big thing!