Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Some of you locals to Salt Lake City may have heard of Cafe Trio's famous pizza nicknamed "The Inducer". Well tonight I had the lovely opportunity of indulging in this baby, since tomorrow marks my 40th week of pregnancy! I feel pretty darn good, however I'm ready to get this kiddo out of me. It was LOADED, and I mean LOADED with whole cloves of garlic all over every slice. Now I love garlic, but let me tell ya, this was a little over-the-top. If eating this thing doesn't send me into labor, nothing will!


Paige said...

My fingers are crossed it does the trick!

Molly said...

Let's get this baby out of you, so we can meet it!! :-)

leslie miles said...

Didn't you just have a baby? where's the blog post? Get on it Steph.