Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whoa Nelly! Time for an Update!!

It's high time for an update, I'd say. Summer always gets so busy that I get overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I have from various vacations. The result is I don't keep the old blog updated like I should! So here are pictures starting from our trip to Jackson Lake way back in July, down to the most recent! Some are kind of random, but cute, so I had to throw them in.

At Jackson Lake, Neil and I had to do our annual bike ride up signal mountain...always has a great view.

A few stormy days kept us inside the cabin, so we spent the extra time eating popcorn and making forts.

The BEACH with Neil's fam

Say NO to crack

I love this one.

Fly Fishing at a little pond not far from our house- we didn't catch anything, probably because Miles kept throwing rocks in the water!

Bubble Bath!

The ZOO (random pic)

The Splash Pad: One of Miles' favorites...he even liked it more than going to the pool!

First day of Playschool with friend Tate

Trip to Dallas, in which we went to the Texas State Fair and an awesome pumpkin patch that Miles couldn't get enough of.

My little elephant!!

Trick or Treat!

Now that the chilly fall weather is here, Miles can't be seen outside without his beanie :)

Miller family party in Tremonton, which just happens to be a toddler's paradise.

...not to mention a husband's paradise, too!

Miles is into "buildin' blocks" on his firetruck. This is his latest masterpiece!
Well that's about it for now....Oh and did I mention we're expecting baby number two in April?! Wish I had a good pic to go along with it, but I will in a few weeks when we find out what we're having! HOORAY!!! Consider yourself updated :)


leslie miles said...

People better read this blog because that last little tidbit of information about baby number two is the bomb!!!!!

Paige said...

YAY Updates!

Kristin said...

Hey, Miles - crack kills!
Looove the update! Loooove the pictures! The elephant in floods is my favorite. We sure love that little Miles. And we'll love little Kristin, too.

Jaime And Kalen said...

Wahoo for baby number two, I had heard that rumor. I will be excited to hear what you are having! Congratulations!