Tuesday, May 17, 2011

San Rafael Swell

Last weekend we went camping with my family at one of our favorite places in Utah: The San Rafael Swell. It was a pretty short trip, but felt great to get outdoors and dirty! San Rafael is such a familiar place to me. We grew up camping there every Easter with my cousins and it's just the best. It's one of Utah's best kept secrets.

Our tin foil dinners

Camping aint camping unless you've got powdered doughnuts.

The Little Grand Canyon

Roasting his first HOT DOG!

This breathtaking view is from the portable toilet we set up a ways from camp.

It's hard to miss a camp that's primarily made up of bright blue tents!

You know you want these...

Getting ready to bless the weiners!


leslie miles said...

I freakin love San Rafael... Topless fourwheelers unite!

leslie miles said...

"hot....cholate."-Prince Miles

Kristin said...

So many times I laughed out loud in this post. First of all...only you would have a picture taken from a toilet and second of all...I really do want some of those fancy roasting sticks. Man, oh man, my family would get a kick out of those babies. What a fun trip!