Saturday, April 16, 2011


Last April (2010) I spent all $200 of my saved birthday money on ONE pair of jeans from Nordstrom. I loved those pants, and we went everywhere together...dinner parties, the grocery store, bbqs, long walks on the trail, visits to Grandma... Around nine months into our relationship, and much to my dismay, a gaping and very classy hole in the crotch slowly came into view. At first I didn't care. "I'll wear them anyway- now they have a little character," I thought to myself. But the hole got bigger and bigger, and I reached my breaking point. Frustrated and heartbroken, and just about to retire them to the trash, a friend of mine suggested I take them back to Nordstrom for a refund.

So I did. I had no receipt... The date and purchase of the pants weren't on my file... But guess what? Nordstrom lived up to it's reputation and I got a BRAND NEW PAIR in exchange for the old ones!! HALLELUJAH!!! Nordstrom is AWESOME.


leslie miles said...

NORDSTROM I worship you.

Anonymous said...

SHUT UP! That is amazing... these wouldn't happen to be the jeans Marjorie saw when talking to a certain someone would they?