Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jackson Lake

We got back from Jackson Lake last Saturday, and it was hard to come home! We had a great time, and there was always something to do. We hiked, biked, boated, waterskied...all around the most gorgeous scenery you can find. It was so much fun having Miles there. I'm pretty sure he's bored out of his mind now that we're home. Here are a few pics:

We swam at Moose Falls in Yellowstone, where the water is actually warm from the hot geysers upstream.

This was the view from the front porch of our cabin. Can you beat that? I think not.

Grampa bought Miles a cool camouflage hat! He actually really liked it.

Lounging on the boat. Miles wasn't a fan of the lifejacket...sorry, buddy.

Neil, Miles, my parents and I hiked to Taggart Lake, which lies just below the Tetons. It was beautiful. I just love those mountains!

Hangin' out on the porch...

The top of Signal Mountain... Awesome view!

Neil pulled Miles in his bike trailer all the way to the top of Signal Mountain. And he did it on his MOUNTAIN bike! Mountain bike + 20 pound baby + bike trailer + steep winding road = One Tough Workout!


Jared and Reini said...

How fun! I love the pics! Can't wait to hear all about it! Did your flowers survive? I sure hope so....

Harper Family said...

You guys are so awesome! I love all the fun activities you do. Great pics buddy!

Amy Buff said...

Looks super fun and fab! Totally JEALOUS!

Kristin said...

Fabulous pictures! You guys are always off doing something fun. Love Miles in his hat!