Sunday, September 21, 2008


The first ever Buglefest happened this weekend in the mountains above beautiful Bear Lake. We had a pretty darn good time. The event started off with a weiner roast around the fire with family and friends. The following morning we woke up around seven and headed up the mountain on the 4-wheelers to call in the elk. Can you say REDNECK?

Callin' em in!

Brad and Katy

One of the highlights of our adventure happened when we were hiking. One of us must have walked right through a beehive because before I knew it, I was surrounded by bees- most of them on my head and in my hair. Les had them swarming her as well...We took off running through the bushes to get away from those pesky buggers, and I ended up getting stung on the forehead. Les got stung twice right on the butt. HA!! We were pretty upset after that, but still had a great time.


Brooke and Jason said...

I am so glad you guys came to see us!

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Steph and Neil...who woulda thought I'd catch up to you in this crazy blog world! Oh my word! I love you guys! I'm so glad to catch up with what you two are up to! I love you guys and I'm going to be stalking you out!


Harpers said...

Holy Awesome! Ha ha...I can just see you and Les runnin' around like crazies! Ha ha!! Steph, be honest, did you swear while you were running? C'mon can tell me! Ha ha!
That seriously looked like so much fun! How is Les's bum? Hee hee!
(I'm having too much fun with this post)!

Chelsea and Miles said...

Hello!! We found you!! cute bog and im adding yours to ours!! see you later!!